Inner Critic keeping you playing small?
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Are you an entrepreneur with a purpose? A change-maker? A coach, consultant, expert on a mission to make a big difference in the lives of others?
Are you driven by heart and soul to give more, but by doing so, your own needs get pushed to the back-burner?
Are you being held back from making the mark you dream of because of a nagging voice that questions everything you do and undermines any accomplishments you make?
Are you left feeling guilty that you can’t do more or even ashamed that you’re not doing enough?
Perhaps even inadequate that you can’t make more of an impact?
I completely get it.
I’m Sara Anderson and I help amazing women banish the inner critic and heal from its lasting harm so they can show up powerfully unstoppable to scale their business’s impact and earn what they deserve… while feeling more confident and more self-assured than ever.
Because when trying to scale a business, you have to go all in, oftentimes to the detriment of all else.
Which comes at a huge price:
  • Loss of passion, purpose, and peace of mind.
  • Increased doubt and self-criticism, strained relationships, and lack of motivation.
  • Meltdowns, burnout, and often, fear and panic.
  • Insecurity, headaches, even chronic pain.
  • Weight gain, difficulty sleeping, and feeling constantly on edge.
But it doesn’t have to be like this.
I provide my clients the tools and strategies to navigate the growth of their business confidently, with clarity, and calmly.
No longer are they held prisoner to the voice of the inner critic.
They’re out of their own heads and aligned perfectly with their purpose, giving them renewed energy, passion, and peace of mind.
And I’m here to champion you on.
When you’re ready for more, let’s talk.

Sara Anderson, founder of Fearless Entrepreneur.  6-time Entrepreneur, Psychotherapist of 20 years, Success Strategist helping women confidently scale their business.